Hello everyone,I am a Chinese

Hello everyone, I am a Chinese, I now is through Chinese translation in English and communication, can be a bit error, please understanding. I attend to this BBS is to want to know M information such as the status, progress, because my English is not good, look very hard, so send a post to understand, how about M wallet now, when can release, because I want to practice a download, if there are other related about M ipos, such as the SEC, I would like to participate in, although I can’t program, but I can be involved in the form of IPO, as my business goal. Thank you, I hope to become good friends with everybody


I believe we have some Chinese folks around here who you should be able to connect with and discuss MaidSafe in your native tongue if English is a problem. Welcome aboard!

@RedLi posted here, I would touch base and get the ball rolling Help to build Chinese SAFE community and media exposure


Welcome to the forum. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if SAFEnetwork turned out to be a huge hit in China even before the rest of the world caught on. I think it would be a great idea to have a Chinese moderator and a Chinese subcategory where people.could get their questions answered in Chinese.


Welcome to SAFE @chencc218 good to have you with us. I think it’s important we get SAFE translated and available to the Chinese people as they deserve freedom like everyone else and that Great Firewall needs to come down. Moreover China has political and economic ties all over the place and so that’s even more reason to keep everybody informed and free.


The test network will be ready in a few weeks. Check every week for a thread or section on this BBS that is titled weekly dev update. This forum or BBS as translated recieves development updates roughly every tuesday.

I would recommend waiting until the testing phase is over before telling others who might expect a stable network. In a few months the SAFE network will hopefully be stable enough to introduce to everyone.

Thank you for your interest and time. Welcome to our humble community. I look forward to continued correspondance with you. :blush:



I was thinking this same thing for German.

My wife is German, i’ve lived there and they are super interested in this sort of thing. In fact I showed my brother in law and he was blown away and wanted to learn more.


Thank you very much.I’ll be there


I agree with your opinion

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Ok, I will continue to focus on:blush: