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Since SAFE devCon I have been independently focused on coding out my project to get it in the hands and used by peers. That has happened. ( referred to at DevCon). I took the risk that over the time it took to achieve this goal the SAFEnetwork would become practically deploy-able for our use. I think our timings are playing out.

The year end goal is to implement the DIY HealthScience Toolkit on the SAFE (test) Network I have prepared a new branch on github called caledonia where I will start the integration of the two projects. I will get stuck into that over the next two weeks and any input, guidance or coding help will be welcomed.

Getting data flowing was/is the priority. We have focused on two sources, wearable data via the open source project and open air quality data via Luftdaten citizen science project Again much integration is required, the SAFE android library needs coded into gadgetbridge and the toolkit makes it possible for each air quality devices to save a copy of their data to the SAFEnetwork. Climate change is the challenge of our current time and future.

There is much more to write but I think this reconnects our conversation. Those interested on more demos / news code I am pretty much coding this alone with great feedback from peers collecting and using their own data. We are excited about bringing the DIY HealthScience Toolkit (back) on the SAFEnetwork.




WoW! I was wondering today if you where still working on this project.

Great to see progress!


@aboynejames What an effort, it was great to see you recently. Someday it will have to be beers/coffee or similar. This is all amazing stuff and I recon the timing will be perfect.

Kudos :+1:


Great news James, as you know (I hope!) I’m a big supporter of your work and will help out with what I can re the new APIs. @folaht and I are doing this in the Dev forum ATM, so feel free to post questions etc

I think mobile is a bit behind though going to catch up soon, but the API will be the same as I’m using in the browser, so that should not slow you down.

Good luck!


Just one example why SafeNet will be a massive success!


This is great stuff. There may be opportunity for us to collaborate.


You guys definitely should, I have only briefly chatted, but there is synergy there and certainly common purpose.


Great to see you doing well on this! I remember having long chats with you about this at the devcon, so it is good to see it going places!


Lets set a time to talk. I am clear most of the time but not next Monday to Wed. next week.


Let’s coordinate by pm

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2 plus years since the last update. Been making progress.

Big improvement in UX /UI: the BentoBox-DS ( Datascience ) toolkit latest video demos or live account, local on laptop or I have put a few accounts in the cloud BentoBox-DS code GitHub - healthscience/diyhstoolkit: DIY HealthScience Toolkit

Data: I have been keeping tabs on the Safe Network testnets and would welcome help to connect into one of those. I have data flowing from wearables, air quality and rivers now. These could be the founding open dataset to christen the SN with?

Protocol: SafeFlow-ECS is the software at the heart of HOP (health oracle protocol) GitHub - healthscience/node-safeflow: Node.js wrapper for safeFlow and this produces a knowledge bundle ledger. Next this needs rewritten in rust so I can compile it to WASM. This sets up the opportunity for DML - decentralise machine learning, I have genetic algorithm ‘CALE’ in the toolkit now too e.g. predict my activity tomorrow? Next it needs to ‘breed’ and learn peer to peer so keen to use the Safe Network messaging infrastructure for that if that makes sense?

If any one wants help getting a toolkit setup and running, just reach out happy to help. Feedback welcomed.


This is great!

I was actually talking about your project to contact recently who is working in the same area, so glad to get an update on it and see that things are still rolling along.


Glad to see you’re still working on this!