Having trouble transferring coins from Poloniex to omniwallet

Hi I am seeing following message in blockchain.info for my transfer:
Unable to decode output address
link: https://blockchain.info/address/18vt31zySxuSRsBjmSU7nzEYDhumHMdoWz

I also don’t see the transaction in omniexplorer:

This is the status in polo website: http://imgur.com/a/Kmq4b

I was able to transfer MAID successfully before. However not sure why I am seeing this error message. I bought about 7K coins and now really worried. Am I going to lose my coins? How I can fix this?

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This is normal and happens to everyone, nothing to worry about. It came in about 6-12 months ago when people realised they could send 1/2 the BTC by sending it the way they do not.

Your coins look like they arrived correctly


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