Having issues making a new account HELP PLEASE

I don’t have a level 1 account but i do have an invitation code from my friend. He was mailed the code after asking maidsafe nicely via email. But he runs void linux so he cannot compile electron (on which the safe browser is built on) so he cannot use the code he got and so gave it to me. I cannot access invite.maidsafe.net as my account != level 1. I only have an invite code and cannot change the ‘registered ip’ since i am not level 1

I opened the site on the maidsafe browser for registering a new account and immediately i have an error message of ‘Check your current IP address matches your registered address at invite.maidsafe.net

I don’t have a level 1 account so instead got an invite code from my friend, so I proceed with the other things like putting in my invitation code and my secret+pass and then it just spits out a ‘Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network’ at me. I’m lost help me.

Just spend an hour reading posts and you’ll be Level 1. There are some good suggestions in the beginners category.


So i cannot do anything with an adjacent invite code?

The invite code will work but you have to be level 1 to use it. After that if you need another one just dm the moderator and we’ll happily send you one.


oh i see. thanks. by the way, how would you check if you are level one, is it a badge?

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No problem. You should get a message (and maybe an email, not sure though), and the name by your avatar will be a darker grey.

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