Have you heard of Stellite?

Hi there!

I’ve been testing zeronet for a while now and I feel it could fill the gap of the long awaiting of safenetwork.
It’s p2p website hosting with some degree of anonymity via tor, hopefully i2p some day.
It’s obviously a far less complete solution than safe and has certainly drawbacks, but it’s there, and we need a decentralized internet NOW! (New World Order is coming faster than Safe).

Looking for more information about zeronet I bumped into Stellite (https://stellite.cash/), a very new project, which seems to be a crypto currency that relies on zeronet and ipfs to function.

What do you, experts in digital freedom, think of all that, technology wise, resiliency wise and anonymity wise. I’m not interested in speculation at all. Freedom is way more important!!!


Yeah zeronet makes great sense for a torrent tracker website hosting, in a decentralized way. Maybe they have other simple apps and sites by now too.

But it’s just petty slow because it’s not super heavy on the tech breakthroughs, and doesn’t have a crypto incentive to host data to give enough speed.

But still very cool to have :+1:

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