Have I been ignorant for a long time? I thought I needed level 1 just to browse the safe network

Since 2017 I thought one needed to be logged in to even see the websites.
Today I learn that’s not the case.

Has this always been or has something changed while I was gone?


I’m not sure if you’ve always needed an invite for Alpha 2 to do this but I didn’t think so but the concept has always been there. The idea is that anyone can view/visit/consume data and websites on the SAFE Network WITHOUT an account but to upload or mutate data then you will indeed need an account. The point being free and safe access to the worlds information.

So on an app like JAMS you could listen to others peoples music or playlists all you like but to upload, manage, etc you will need an account.


Oh no! :sob: So I was wrong the whole time.

I have been telling every new person since 2017 that you need to be level 1 to be able to browse the SAFE Network.

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I edited the first sentence of my post above. I’m not entirely sure that’s the case for Alpha 2, maybe someone else can confirm.

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The community network is free to browse without account, invitation or trust level in this forum.

I thought it was the same for Alpha 2 network, but apparently not: you get “Setup Incomplete. Connection not available yet” error if you don’t create an account and for that you need to reach trust level 1.

In conclusion, you are not ignorant and you were thinking correctly.


You need level 1 so you can set your IP address to bypass the anti-spam measure but you dont need to be logged in for browsing:


I’m not getting it.
I can freely access the alpha 2 network.

This means you have registered your IP address. After that you can freely browse the sites in the Alpha network.

On the community network you don’t even need to register your IP address.

Comparison of the 2 networks:

Alpha 2 Community
Need to register IP address to browse Yes No
Forum level to register IP 1
Free to browse Yes Yes
Need to get invitation to put data Yes Yes
Forum level to get invitation 1 2
Put data limit 1000 operations 1000 operations

This is correct. As an anti-spam measure while we are in Alpha, you need to get trust level one on the forum, or have an invite code, to access the network and browse.

Once you have that though, and your IP address is associated with the invite, you are free to browse without being logged in or authenticating. You’ll only need to log in to add or edit data.

As I say though, this is purely an anti-spam measure for Alpha. In the complete network, you will not need an account, nor verification of any kind, to browse and download data.