Has this forum been upgraded to the paid model?

Was this forum recently upgraded to the paid version of discourse?

What were the reasons for this change?
Is Javier still the owner of the safenetwork.io domain?
Who owns the hosting account?


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As far as I know it hasn’t been upgraded. There are discussions about upgrades because of the amount of traffic on the forum :). @frabrunelle is the admin who is responsible for the administrative side of the forum so maybe he can answer your other questions.

The forum is definitely pulling resources from discourse’s business infrastructure.

It’d be great if @frabrunelle could answer my questions above so we’re kept informed.

The upgrade was approved by Nick and @frabrunelle organised it.

So I expect that the upgrade occurred.

We were already on a paid plan, the upgrade is to the business plan because the forum was increasing its page views well beyond the plan’s allowance.


Guess that I missed the memo :smiley:


Discourse’s payment page is down for me so I can’t see the tier differences.

They’re hosting the whole forum and the upgrade only effects alotted bandwidth/page views/max users?

Yes. And to be clear I am not completely sure. Just my security certificate checker saw a change and the forum had to reload in my browser with a message that it had an upgrade. Although that upgrade does not mean to the plan, just some changes/version were made.

In any case the forum is set for the influx of traffic when the MVP is released

A few hours ago, the forum was upgraded to the Business plan ($100/month) of Discourse.org. Previously, we were on the Standard plan ($50/month). We have a 50% discount since we are an open source project :smiley:

Initially, the forum was hosted with DiscourseHosting, but we moved to Discourse.org last December. That way, we are able to directly support the core team who is building the amazing Discourse software! Also, I really appreciate the fact that we get frequent updates (almost every day as far as I can see!) instead of every stable release (every few months) like DiscourseHosting was doing. We also have very good performance and reliability because of the servers configured by the Discourse team.

The reason we upgraded to the Business plan (500k monthly page views) is because of the increased amount of traffic on the forum, which means that we couldn’t fit on the Standard plan (100k monthly page views) anymore.

For example, here is a graph of the traffic from December 1 to March 31:

We went from 117k page views in January to 302k page views in March. And with the MVP being released very soon, it seemed like a good timing to upgrade to the Business plan :smiley:

As I explained here, safenetwork.io belongs to @dallyshalla and is protected by a lawyer named Javier Delahoya.

Well the way it works is that the admins of this forum can see a section called “Account Management” inside the admin panel of the Discourse software. This section contains info about our subscription and buttons such as “Change Billing Email”. It’s @nicklambert who currently receives the invoices (MaidSafe is paying for the hosting).


Thanks for the update @frabrunelle. I hadn’t followed up on this as soon as I wanted to and I’m glad that this went smoothly.