Has the SAFE Network been launched yet?

I’m sorry for asking such a stupid question, but being a non-technical person and with access only to 32-bit Linux platforms I find I’m completely out of the loop.

A year ago I asked when a 32-bit launcher would be available. I received some help from @bochaco that didn’t result in any thing workable.

I saw a thread on “Safe-CMS” and I wonder if that means the network is up and running… Anyway, I’m pretty clueless!

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No, not launched yet.

There is a live test network (alpha2) and this is what Safe CMS and other apps are running on, including the browser (which includes the Authenticator) and so has replaced SAFE Launcher.

So what you would need is a 32-bit version of the browser, now called Peruse.


How can I keep track of when the Peruse browser will be available for my 32-bit Linux platform?

This GitHub repo is currently the location for Peruse:

This would be where a 32bit version would be released.

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Do you know if it will be possible to install it without administrator rights?

Since they are ZIP files right now, and if it stays that way, then Yes.
There were some releases in the past that were MSI file types and those might require Admin rights.


@Halvor Built mock and non-mock 32-bit versions, SAFE Browser, on 32-bit Ubuntu 16.04: https://github.com/hunterlester/safe_browser/releases/tag/0.10.1

Let me know if they run alright on your Linux distribution.

PS: Working on getting Peruse to build for 32-bit


At least I got as far as “Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network” with the non-mock browser.

I got this information typing ‘uname -a’: Linux lambklient8 3.13.0-129-generic #178-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 11 12:49:13 UTC 2017 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

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That sounds good @halvor. You’ll need to go to the invite server, set/update your IP address and get an invitation token to create your account if you don’t have one already: https://invite.maidsafe.net

After that, launch the browser again and try to create your account and/or log in.


Great. I’m on the SAFE Network. A truly historical moment in the history of Mankind, the Universe and the Cosmos.

I guess I should look into what apps I can try out.


Excellent @Halvor, yes, you can check out this list here: Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs

Just for you to know and the rest, since last year when I attempted to help you, the safe_client libs evolved a lot and now there are 32bit builds available, plus some effort from @hunter some months ago to make sure that our browser could be also built for 32bits platform. So this is indeed very good news as the effort from all the people involved in such evolution is paying off.