Has the debate over Censorship been settled 100%?

I realize my post may come across as negative but I really do believe the success or failure of this project comes down that single question.

For a year now I’ve read “should we, shouldn’t we, should we, shouldn’t we?”

It seems like the team has worked so hard to actually be able to provide a censorship free model, but now that we’re getting closer to it being a reality, it seems like the project is getting cold feet. At least that’s the way I see it, and if I see it that way, then surely there are others who have come to the same conclusion.

So, is this going to really be a SAFE Network? Or just an overly complicated version of the internet we already have? It’s a fair question.

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What are you basing that on?


Can’t imagine how you ever got that impression. This project and community are all 100% behind the idea of owning your own data, it’s integral to the design. They’d have to start all over again to change that?! You cannot own and control your own data and have censorship, the two things are mutually exclusive. The debate was settled back in 2006 when David started working out the design, there’s no going back now :wink:


There has been no change. Only a few feel we should censor and usually out of some fear of getting SAFE shut down or the typical “won’t someone think of the children” and yes we had a couple early on.

SAFE is censor free by its design.

Only APPs can do any censoring (filtering actually), but that is the APP and rightly so because some wish a G or PG or M rating experience. But SAFE itself is not censored (the data) just the experience a particular APP may provide. If you want censor free then don’t use a filtering APP.

The only ones with cold feet are the traders who dumped MAID for BTC. A quick read of any dev update shows that things are actually heating up.

There has been no change or suggestion by the team of any such idea, but rather its full steam ahead on the original SAFE concept. Just read the updates.


That’s cool! Thanks for the answers. Can you help with one more? I believe
I have met all the criteria for trust level 1. When I go to the page (start
page I guess??) I get a set ip option and then a long hash/pw to paste into
a screen.

The problem is, I can’t go any farther. Like, nothing pops up, there is no
"next" etc…

The problem may be in my web browser. I have 3rd party cookies disabled.
WebGL is disabled. And something else, I forget…maybe webrtc?

Anyway, do I need to enable any of those or what?