Has the alt-coin bubble burst? if not, which project makes sense to you?

Hi guys, I own MAID since I first saw the @dirvine and @nicklambert pn the Keiser Report. Fell in the love with idea but am not a tech, so just decided to tell anyone or everyone about it and put some money where my mouth is. The outperformance of oher crypto-currencies has been annoying (as apart from the ETH and ETC I havent been involved) but I’d rather they be where they are and MAID at USD250m than everything down in seven figure market caps still.

However, I spent a couple of hours looking at some of these projects and most of the time I was the thinking “What the hell is xyz coin?” Then I watched the introduction video and thought “What a lot of nonesense!”

Lets take Hshare as an example. Came into existence in August and had a market cap of over USD 1bn last week. The video on their website just screams BS at me, but maybe I am wrong. Today it’s down 50% and yet still has a higher value than MAID. While they might have a great product that is of great use to something I am not aware of, but surely the valuation is beyond all realms of the imagination.

My point is that surely this has to be one huge manipulated, unregulated bubble. Sometimes I wish MAID wasn’t even on the list. To me it doesn’t belong there, especially as when this bubble pops, even if everyone rushes into BTC, MAID will get dragged down too.

Anyway, the point of this post, before I started rambling, was to ask, if anyone can give me some good reasons to own any of the top 100 alt-coins. I mean specific coins that actually have a use in the real world and might be adopted by a wider group than just insiders and their friends and family. I’m curious more than anything and don’t want to waste any more time watching Hshare and PIVX videos. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ve seen coins popup on coinmarketcap out of nowhere and have values above coins that are actually worth something. I’m clueless about something like Primalbase Token, but hey why hate, it’s all to give value to the decentralized movement I suppose.

It’s always good to look at dev updates, as far as I can tell there are a few projects:
Swarm City
It’s better to follow projects actively, no updates, basically no project. These coins are all highly dependend on Ethereum, so be warned. TX costs of Ethereum powered tokens are rediculous high.

You might find the real jewels outside the top 100 and blockchain.
LOL only projects running on SAFE Network, that actually got code.

But I’m clueless if Lightning Network supports, blockchain tokens, if it does these tokens might actually become more valuable over time. No investment advice.

thanks, havent looked at any of those. looks like i have my work cut out.

funny, since i wrote this, MAID and HSHARE have been locked in battle, although mainly due to huge volatility in SHARE. Admittedly that was some bounce in MAID today…

Keep away from price & speculation. MAID has its one & only topic for price/trading discussions for very good reasons and you can read about it in the opening post of that topic.

Other coins such as BTC has its own in off-topic where the future of bitcoin is discussed.


There is no problems with ofc remarks or reasons, but this topic started off verging on trading discussions, and anyone who wishes to reply please keep to discussion of other projects and not trading/speculation.

If you’re talking of coins popup on coinmarketcap, MGO token should be noted. I think so because of the cooperation between MobileGo and Xsolla.

You must agree that these companies are very serious. And their collaboration will bring new perspectives for MGO. It opens new possibilities in the crypto market.

Share your opinion about it.

My opinion doesn’t really matter, I’m a clueless consumer.

I honestly don’t know, have not really followed them, so I can’t say anything useful about them.

Imho every crypto project is important, it means more new money for the people.