Hardfork BTC - maidsafe positions

Dear all,

There is a lot of discussion going on about a hardfork of the bitcoin network recently.

Since i dont have a technical background i would like to know if a hardfork could affect have any effect on our maidsafecoins stored on the bitcoin blockchain.

Can anyone shine a light on this?

Thanks a bunch!


Hi André,

It doesn’t really effect Maidsafecoins. If a split would happen BU would become an altcoin as they say and bitcoin would still be bitcoin, likewise all assets connected to it would just be the same. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also MAID is a omni-protocol coin and omni would decide which blockchain to continue on and MAID will continue on whichever fork they decide to use.

This applies to any hard fork of BTC that might occur in the future


The Omni-protocol can run on both chains though. The data would be present on both forks, so you just need the right software to use it on either. The people behind the Omni software and services might choose to support only one of two chains, but since for example Omni Core is open source it’s not impossible for others to make it compatible with the other chain.

I still think the odds of an actual hard fork occuring is low (talk is cheap, while an actual contentious hard fork is incredibly costly), but it might be worth checking in with the Omni guys to see if they plan on being fork-agnostic. If they are, choices will have to be made.


Yes but you would have to fork the omni core/wallet code to do this. So if someone did this it requires others to recognise it as wroth using. Basically I don’t see that happening too soon. I think the users of the omni protocol would not be happy if the people behind the omni s/w choose to duplicate it all on both.

Even if they did Maidsafe could state they only recognise the MAID on a particular blockchain and the other is not official and will not be exchanged for SAFEcoin.


Thank you all for your quick responses! Great community :+1:t2:


True, but I think it might actually be the exchanges that make the call since they have to deal with it first. FWIW exchanges already said for them BTC will remain the Core (Segwit) coin.


Thanks for asking the question André I was having the same worries too so it’s good to get this clarification from everyone.


I’ve been a member of the bitcoin community since 2011, and I think a hard fork is likely. There’s very passionate people on both sides of the debate.

What would ideally happen:

exchanges list both chains in a relatively neutral way, such as BTC-c (core) and BTC-u (unlimited), and after a month of trading, if one chain had a clear lead in value (say at least 4 times the other), that would be judged to be the “real” bitcoin.

What will probably happen instead is something much messier, biased and unclear.


any predictions on when?

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I’m not good at making predictions like that, but I can’t imagine it continuing this way without something drastic happening.

There are still a lot of miners who aren’t signalling for either SegWit or BU, but if the bitcoin price keeps dropping, I figure they’ll feel like they have to take sides.

If BU is lucky, the miners could end up supporting them in perhaps 2-3 months. If that doesn’t happen, core supporters will probably end up doing their user-activated hard fork for SegWit in October.

The whole thing is very silly: essentially the whole fight is about a name; what is the “real” bitcoin. Either side could fork at any time to create a new cryptocurrency that isn’t compatible with the old one, and get exactly the technology they want. In fact, I would consider this a strength of cryptocurrency: the ability to have a clean split where each side gets what they want in the case of contention.

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It seems Poloniex is going to support bitcoin core continuously, which I translate to "that unless something compelling happens it will remain the bitcoin. " Also they are unsure about even listing BU.

They are not convinced BU has even replay protection


Basically I gather that MAID will continue being on the BTC chain and would be considered a alt-maid if someone continues it on the BU blockchain.


Why does not maid move to its own individual coin? Clone BTC or just go onto a side chain in komodo?

Why would it?

It is only a token to be exchanged for SAFEcoin when the SAFE network goes live.

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19 exchanges and brokers signed a statement regarding to how to deal the fork:

(Btw, if BU wins it will be the beginning of the end for Bitcoins. So long, and thanks for all the fish!)

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I think enough of us feel like that. I can’t see BU winning. I hardly know anyone who still believes BTC can or should try to take on ‘currency’ really. I can’t imagine that many are willing to take the risk of following BU’s path to more centralisation.


That is similar to Poloniex’s statement.


Has Omni has made a statement about how they’ll handle any fork? I couldn’t find one from a quick search, with nothing on their blog, and no response to a question about it on their subreddit.

I personally can’t understand how anyone thinks a 1mb blocksize limit is sensible. Prematurely constraining a fledgling technology like Bitcoin in its early stages seems stupid in my view. How many people have stopped using or developing Bitcoin application due to the ridiculous 3 transactions per second limit + high fees?

@Jabba, why do you think that a 1mb constraint on Bitcoin blocks is a good idea?

@piluso why do you think removing the 1mb block size limit would be the beginning of the end for Bitcoin?

I’m personally very happy that Bitcoin Unlimited is gaining such traction with miners and feel that developer centralisation around core has been far more damaging so far than any mining centralisation.

In the medium term it shouldn’t matter much, as the Safe network will be able to do everything better and take over from Bitcoin if it all works out well :smiley:

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I’m never the person to come to with a technical question really, but I will happily point you to one of the sources that helped convince me

I don’t think BTC needs to try to be something it isn’t just yet. And I don’t think it needs to aim higher than digital gold in order to survive or grow. I’m also not scared of an Alt usurping it, that’s fine by me. I’m emotionally attached to the ideals behind bitcoin, not the name or the tech itself. :slight_smile:


Removing the 1Mb size limitation is not the whole story.