Happy new year!

Wishing a very happy new year to everyone involved in the Safe project !
During the last year we have been witnessing many important changes in the scene of communications, information, politics, some for the best, and many for the very bad if we look under the angle of human rights and general interest.
Political changes around the world , and, from my selfish point of view, recent events and laws in France where I reside, raise quite some concerns for the future of justice, democracy and freedom of thought and speech.
In this frame, I see, more than ever, the development of the Safe network and of Safe Apps as a great hope. These tools will have a fundamental role in the forecoming discussions, publications, fights and negociations for our destinies. Whichever our political, financial or ideologic positions, the need has never been that important for a neutral, non centralized, potentially anonymous, non censurable, and permanent communication medium.
My wishes are that 2017 will see the birth of this network, and that we will be able to use it wisely for the sake of us all.
On a personal side, I have had to focus on my own profesional work, and had to stop being active with learning developing apps, but I regularly kept a eye on the forum to keep aware of the latest adventures.

Keep up the wonderful work, keep the ninja coding, and, most of all, have lots of fun and joy in your lives.

Cheers !


Yes Happy new year to everyone, we are all back at it this morning. First 2 days of 2017 looking good, lets hope for an amazing year.


2016 was a ‘big’ year for our crazy little planet. But 2017 could be the year noted by posterity as the point when it all began to change. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Happy New Year guys, and congratulations for all the hard work and determination shown last year and all the years leading up to this point. It’s inspiring to watch you all grind away so relentlessly for this cause. Thank you!


Thanks for all the amazing support through 2016, looking forward to a brilliant 2017!