Happy new decade!

Centuries and millennia begin in a year ending with 1. For example, the 21st century and the third millennium begin on January 1, 2001.

But, contrary to centuries and millennia, decades are not numbered and so have no reason to begin in a year ending with 1. So, the start of new decade is today, January 1, 2020.

Unless you really number decades, in that case you’ll have to wait January 1, 2021 to celebrate the start of 203rd decade (but nobody does that).

In conclusion: Happy New Year and Happy New Decade to all.


Or maybe start with a new calender, starting with 0 this time:
Curious if something like that will be mentioned in the new Messiah Netflix TV show. And the new messiah is from Belgium of course.
Edit: maybe the women in this video also said happy new decade :wink: The pope wasn´t amused.


The next SAFE calendar will be in decades! Expect the 203rd decade SAFE calendar! :dragon:


When you are born you have entered your first year, starting at 0. Your first personal decade started at 0.

You could say the same for the first day of year zero.

Also… array indexes start at zero. :stuck_out_tongue: we are in a new decade.


A baby is born at year 0, not 1. You have to age for 1 year before you can be 1. Equally, a decade has to start life at zero, then age through one each year until 9.99 recurring, followed by 10. At which point we are back around at zero again.


I should not comment on this topic because my head hurts from yesterdays partying. :sparkler::champagne:

One good thing I can think of to start with 1 instead of 0 is that when you are 20 then you are still a teen and don’t become in you twenties until 21. Keeps you young longer. :grinning:


Must mean that the coming year will be SO-SO good!
I’m down with that.
Happy and Prosperous New Year, and decade, to all.


That’s not true for Koreans haha
A newborn is aged 1, right after the birth.


But they aren’t yet 1 year old, right? Funny old world! :sweat_smile:


No - its their 1st year, not aged 1. The age of a child technically when born is 0 years 0 days at their birth. 1 day later they are 0 years 1 day old. When they reach 1 year they are 1 year xx days old and referred to a 1 year old.

Dates though had no 0th year. Or calendar has no 0th year. So the 2nd day in our calendar is Jan 2nd year 1. Thus why its 1 -> 10,100,1000

Its the media and advertising that loves to jump the gun and get in 2 years of advertising&sales for the one event.

Trivia, in the space race, the deadline for the moon landings was the end of the decade and having lived through that time and old enough to know, they had one extra year up their sleeve, 1970 since that was the last year of that decade.

It is the media and advertising that has hoodwinked us in the last 30 years to believe otherwise. They pulled the same stunt in 1999 and made the USA and many other countries buy up big on stuff for the end of century/millennium in 1999. News papers had to print retractions (in tiny print), and the real celebrations occurred at the end of the decade, century, millennium 2000->2001

But hey if fellow Aussies, and others in the world want to work on modern pop culture and advertisers then who am I to stop them. Go for it.


Well, tell that to Koreans, hah
Koreans have two ages, the ‘man’ (Western age) and the ‘sal’ (Korean age).
Koreans count your existence in the womb as a year, so you are considered a year old when you are born.

Also you become automatically a year older in new year’s, so that may explain why they round it up even if you are technically 9 months old.


This is actually a rather amusing thread. In the past I toyed with the idea of suggesting that we should start a new global calendar when SAFE is born, similar in concept to the Unix epoch time. (Inspired by @dimitar). We could then describe the years as BSN and ASN in competition with BCE and CE. It would be rather neat if 2020 was the start of SAFE year zero.
Edit: If people like this concept, should we have a zeroth day, zeroth month, zeroth year? :wink:


New Year’s is a great time to see how much you have achieved and also to renew the determinations and goals . Due to health conditions over the past 2 years I haven’t been able to be as much a part of the community as I want to be but I have been watching from a hospital bed. I’m finally recovering. Learning more 3D animation an animation total. It’s my dream to see an internet that will improve every living being on our planet. My wings are fixed and now the flight back with my flock.

strong texthttps://youtu.be/Ex8xwE6VlZk](https://youtu.be/Ex8xwE6VlZk)


This is true in some other asian countries as well, in Vietnam for example. Though, this isn’t applied for little children, but only above 5 or so.

Which means your asian age is 2 years older than your official age if you haven’t had your birthday yet.


Never knew there was discussion about this! Never heard anyone in my environment suggest next year is the start for the new decade… Can’t help but to say something in this topic, pedantic stuff is made for me.

Strictly, yes. But not in general usage (e.g. millennium bug). We have a year 0, right? So therefore I think it’s intuitive to include the 0 but not the 10, 100, or 1000.

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They celebrate 1year 100days after new born.

Happy new year to everyones!


If logical thinking (intuitive), was the only thing that decides such things: why only changing the definition of a decade? Why stop there? Because starting the calender with the estimated birth of religious figure and not using the year 0 (…, -2 BC, -1 BC, 1 AD, 2 AD, …) is also not intuitive. But if you keep these elements of that calender/time system, then there is something to be said (internal logic stays) to also keep the start of a decade, century etc at …1. Computers use already another time system (seconds after/before 1970), as does North Korea. And in these time systems starting a decade with 0 is the logical thing to do.
Of course this is pendantic, but it took the English 170 years to accept the (more accurate) Gregorian calendar after its introduction -> change is not that easy for some.


No, we don’t. Gregorian calendar goes straight from 1 BC to AD 1, which is the cause of all the discussions. Strictly speaking:

  • 1st century is from 1 to 100, 2nd century from 101 to 200, … 21st century from 2001 to 2100

  • 1st millennium from 1 to 1000, 2nd millennium from 1001 to 2000, 3rd millennium from 2001 to 3000

  • 1st decade from 1 to 10, … 203rd decade from 2021 to 2030

But I agree this is pedantic and not the common usage.


Nope, the 100 day celebration is different.
That is not a birthday, it is just a celebration for surviving the first 100 days. It was a significant milestone when child mortality was extremely high… surviving the first 100 days meant the kid was most likely to pull it through.

The first proper birthday is done one year later called the “dol”, which is also a big celebration.

Yep, exactly. If people get confused by it, just consider the odd case of a kid being born on December 31st.
The Korean age is one year old right after coming out from the mother, and the next day the baby becomes 2 years old. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was just a name the newpapers gave it. It was always the y2k bug


It was common usage up to around the 80’s when advertising started to rewrite everything. For the moon race the end of the decade was always 1970 not 1969. the promise by Kennedy had one more year after they achieved it.

In 1999 the advertisers sold a ton of stuff with the aid of newspapers for end of century parties. Then at the last moment the newspapers and TV had to retract all that, which they knew they would because the official celebrations were not being prepared for and people started to realise they were dupped. So many said “stuff it” we will have two celebrations, the fake one on dec 31st 1999 and the real one one 31st Dec 2000

Now social media with all its misinformation being the normal, people choose what they want and ignore reality of the calendar they actually use so they can communicate. No wonder there is so much miscommunications today with people just making up stuff and groups run with it.

/rant over