Happy 10th Birthday Maidsafe?

If I’m not much mistaken I remember David saying somewhere that 22nd Feb 2006 was the birth of maidsafe and the dream of SAFEnetwork?!

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be on the cusp of building one of the coolest things anyone has ever built, but I’d imagine David and the team are so focused on the task at hand that even they might have forgotten to commemorate the day?

I can’t find the video where I saw him say 22nd Feb now, but I feel like I noted it in my mind when I heard it…

If I’m right then HAPPY TENTH BIRTHDAY SAFE and congratulations David et al. It has been a long and hard journey but nothing worth having ever came easy and I can’t think of anything more worth having than SAFEnet.

Thank you guys!




Incorporation Date: 22 Feb 2006 (10 Years old)

from MAIDSAFE.NET LIMITED, G2 4SQ : Companies House Number SC297540


I had to be reminded about my anniversary this year, but I remembered SAFE’s birthday from a video I saw months ago lol. Shhhh don’t tell the wife :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy Birthday Maidsafe! :birthday:


The day friends gave me cash to do something interesting and it grew from there. I have yet start to repay all of them and that includes, of course our supporters in the crowdsale who I am equally indebted to. We will always give everything we have and hopefully repay everyone many times over.

It’s been a long journey for somebody like me who never likes to hold a penny owed to somebody for long. Huge gratitude to everyone involved so far, but we are getting there, pressure is over 90 in the office these days trying to push out an initial test then roll out updates very frequently till we are happy. Wont be long, but it has taken a pretty big effort from many people and patience from even more (I often wonder how it’s been possible).

I know we have had issues in crust and there is a ton of unbelievable rework there to get us at least up an running, even if only partially for a few weeks until we straighten that out. Not a worry as crust is the most well researched and documented bit of code with hundreds of implementations and papers from the IEEE and so on to do it. For some reason it is hard for the folks who have worked there. It will be OK for now and finalised over the next few weeks in parallel with running the MVP testing. Who said it was easy :slight_smile: Even the easy stuff gives us issues sometimes. Will not delay MVP though,

So myself and I am sure the folks building this are humbled and yet determined to deliver now as quickly as we can but more importantly in a fashion where a little bit better every week will show us all progress and allow us all to every week feel better and more comfortable.

Just need to keep going for a wee bit more and start to see the fruits now :wink: Thanks everyone, it’s a pleasure.


It is us who are indebted to you. This is about much more than money.

Probably because we all really believe in you and what you’re trying to do.

Ok, I’ll stop making you blush now :wink:


Wow Happy Birthday Maidsafe
10 = binary numbers right?
10 years from now you’ll be in a superposition

[quote=“Jabba, post:8, topic:7254”]
It is us who are indebted to you. This is about much more than money.
[/quote]Yeah this is worldwide progress at a scale that governments and bankers can’t manage to do it.

Thank you Maidsafe team for your patience and gift of privacy, security and freedom.


Respect man, great work !Really neat time coming for us also !


Damn! Another tear jerker :cry: … This… This one is worth it. :joy:

It says a lot about a man who even at the time of celebration still has his head buried in code racing to deliver us one of the greatest freedom enabling tools mankind has ever had . Nobel prize anyone?

Sad that his contribution will be fraught with controversy before the world marvels at the role it will have in ensuring freedom and the unrestricted dissemination of knowledge. I hope to live a very long life because of the breakthroughs facilitated by SAFE. Who’s grabbing a beer with me on February 22nd 2116? I’m buying. :wink:


haha I don’t plan to live that long :smiley: but IF I do I’ll be there :grin:

edit: but maybe I’d go for a whiskey
edit2: troonish whiskey …? xD
edit3: didn’t find a distillery based in troon … then I’ll decide 100 years from now Oo


You feel indebted, and yet your contributions have already paid us back in full.

I’ll be there.

Let’s meet near the ruins of the berlin wall, to celebrate the falling of tyranny and shifting of paradigms.


10 years in the making, wow! What a year to release! Well done MaidSafe team!


MaidSafe Happy Happy Birthday :heart_eyes:


So amazing and a privilege to be on board this. Happy BirthdayMaidSafe. :heart_eyes::grinning::grinning:


Congratulations! This is an amazing project! Can’t wait to see SAFENet alive! :smiley: