Had this neat MaidSafe cap made by a friend

Looking after of two small kids did not keep a friend of mine busy enough, so she took on crocheting & knitting. I helped her set up an OpenBazaar shop and was offered one of her Monero- and Star Wars-centered creations as a thank-you. I was cheeky enough to ask for a new, special design and chose MaidSafe. Can’t wait to be able to set a shop up for her on the Safe Network!

P.S.: I don’t want to possibly violate the SafeNetForum rules but let me know if sharing her OB handle is OK and I will. Thanks!


Should be OK. And might help her too with some orders :slight_smile:


very want (20 charazards)


This looks fabulous! I want one already :slight_smile:

Please share a link


Looks neat. But… Can you imagine the ordeal of knitting one with the Safe Network logo?



I also think this is cool. I mean, she puts a lot of effort in, each cap is handmade and unique, and it’s not just a poor excuse to sell crap while leeching off this project (like that person who went berserk with really cheap all-crypto merchandise on reddit last year).

Edit: Found the Monero beanie:

TBH, it does not look as amateurish as the OP suggests. But it looks so good I don’t even care.

Edit: Found her Etsy account as well: This item is unavailable - Etsy

OP, if your friend – not occupied enough with raising a couple of ragamuffins – just went, picked up knitting and came with this, she should take up programming. She’s a genius, no kidding. Those are perfect.


That one turned out to be quite tricky and didn’t look by far as great in the mandatory, approx. 25x25 dots matrix, no matter how hard I tried to “transcribe” it…


To all of you interested in ordering/buying, I am waiting for the OB link and will share ASAP – the one she sent me some time ago is lost, perks of using Signal :smiley:


Yeah, I figured it would be nearly impossible to hand-knit.

I hear OB will probably not happen anytime soon but Etsy has been updated with some Monero stuff for now and I have just finished pixelating the Safe Network logo in “bigger resolution” to fit on a handbag, new batch of yarns on the way, so more swag to be born pretty soon :slight_smile:


Hi all, so I’m told one new MaidSafe beanie is available on Etsy and more will be created upon request, feel comfortable to PM Kamila and discuss sizes, colours and who knows, maybe even designs (I have no problem helping rasterize new patterns/shapes) or currencies! Just… please bear in mind the limited time she is able to commit to satisfying the demand :slight_smile: