GUI for farming nodes

I really like the simplicity of the Noia GUI and I like to see something like that for SAFE farming nodes


So what information do we want available from the GUI

For instance on one of the screens

  • node ID
  • Section ID
  • Node Age
  • uptime
  • time in previous age states, which is time to progress from each age to the next.

Can you include the desired info/screens in the OP and lets build up the info desired and how to display it (raw figure, dial, %age, whatever)


for the average user I think the important things are what resources SAFE uses, so the example of Noia is on the right track. At a glance you see:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Number of Connections
  • Available storage
  • Cached data
  • Auto reconnect option after restart…

Very simple and informative :slight_smile:


Yes have a basic view(s) and many of us early adoptors would desire advance views too that show such information as I suggested above plus a lot more.


It would be nice if the core of the vault exposed the values ( age, ID, storage, bandwidth, etc ) using some sort af API, so that one could build GUIs in a generic way : the GUI would just ask the vault and display the values in a fancy way. You could make an electron GUI, a gtk one, a Qt , whatever. There could even be a CLI ui.


Optimal vault size will most likely be smaller than the trending larger hard drive sizes available going forward so GUI support for handling multiple vaults per machine is probably a basic feature necessity. Also reporting what the network thinks the optimal size of a vault should be would allow users to efficiently allocate HD space when spinning up new vaults.


I like it.

Show basic data as default.
With a button for advanced data, a bit like a routers admin webpage.


Storj nodes now support windows so I decided to see what their GUI is and share it here… “talent borrow, genius steals ” … :wink:


We are actually working on the Vault UI at this very moment, in the context of creating an account. It will be the bare essentials to begin with, so don’t expect too much. Starting and stopping, allocating space, adding a wallet address, linking it to an account etc.

Bells and whistles can come later.


Will it tell the age? Bare essential or a come later.


Didn’t you know vaults are female and they don’t tell their age :rofl: :scream:


If we stripped it right right back, maybe not. But I think it will be useful to give the user some indication on how far they have to go to start earning rewards, so some form age/rating will likely be part of the MVP.

(It’s up to negotiation with the too devs too though)

Currently looking at an understandable way of presenting that information… ratings, progress, labels, steppers etc. Need to be easily assimilated by new users.


Eventually some one will modify the code to show the age. So you may as well do it sometime.


I’m just not making promises, that’s all. Path of least resistance to launch and all that.


For sure, info is useful for the user. But from my perspective in the early stages all I’d be hoping for is some info messages in the logs, which can then be scraped / parsed by a
separate frontend and maybe that frontend can do some maths / extrapolation to give some stats to the user (for example section prefix can be roughly converted to network size etc). I would keep the early info as raw / unprocessed as possible, mainly because it’s simpler to implement. People will work out how to calculate the higher-level info they want so long as the fundamental underlying data is made available.

Later adding a json api in the vault for exposing internals / rpc seems inevitable and from there the interfaces will come thick and fast.

If the current work on safe-cli is anything to go by there should be nothing to worry about, maidsafe have shown they know how to make it slick!


Yeah, just to be clear, I was talking about the end user focused GUI launched from say the Safe Network App, not the capabilities of the CLI, which I’m sure will provide plenty of detail. Although i’ll let some of the devs chime i on what is gonna be possible there.


I know it’s not the same but from a design perspective I’ve always been a fan of Ooklas speed test

Makes it look pretty bad ass.


So for a month now, I’ve been playing with Storj again and that’s what their interface looks like:

Screenshot_2019-11-28_06-26-25 Screenshot_2019-11-28_06-26-44


Wasn’t that a crypto group that ran outta funds recently and the head of it bought like a 2 million dollar home too? Well at least they ended up with nifty looking dashboards tied to dead tech that never was successful/finalized :laughing: .

Edit - Nope looking at that website it is different from the one I am thinking of, I was thinking of heh.

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Tracking multiple storj nodes, who will do the same for SAFE vaults :dragon_face: