GUI for farming nodes


I really like the simplicity of the Noia GUI and I like to see something like that for SAFE farming nodes


So what information do we want available from the GUI

For instance on one of the screens

  • node ID
  • Section ID
  • Node Age
  • uptime
  • time in previous age states, which is time to progress from each age to the next.

Can you include the desired info/screens in the OP and lets build up the info desired and how to display it (raw figure, dial, %age, whatever)


for the average user I think the important things are what resources SAFE uses, so the example of Noia is on the right track. At a glance you see:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Number of Connections
  • Available storage
  • Cached data
  • Auto reconnect option after restart…

Very simple and informative :slight_smile:


Yes have a basic view(s) and many of us early adoptors would desire advance views too that show such information as I suggested above plus a lot more.


It would be nice if the core of the vault exposed the values ( age, ID, storage, bandwidth, etc ) using some sort af API, so that one could build GUIs in a generic way : the GUI would just ask the vault and display the values in a fancy way. You could make an electron GUI, a gtk one, a Qt , whatever. There could even be a CLI ui.


Optimal vault size will most likely be smaller than the trending larger hard drive sizes available going forward so GUI support for handling multiple vaults per machine is probably a basic feature necessity. Also reporting what the network thinks the optimal size of a vault should be would allow users to efficiently allocate HD space when spinning up new vaults.


I like it.

Show basic data as default.
With a button for advanced data, a bit like a routers admin webpage.