Guerrilla marketing - It’s a jungle out there!

It’s not him it’s us :grin:

Still, back on topic of guerrilla marketing…

I wonder given SAFE promises utility in so many arenas, there is good prospect for doing proactive engagement in forums elsewhere and evidencing what SAFE could do for solving alsorts of problems.

Look forward to that… it’s a jungle out there!.. lacking privacy; security; and freedom… and so many will not know the option is available.

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Maybe you can post a separate topic? Please do not look at the title, we have a specific proposal to discusses it this topic…

Absolutely agree with this. I think we need to break out of this forum bubble. Closed systems die, after all.

We might find it challenging to break into other communities/conversations prior to a more tangible MVP/MVE. What do you think?

Maybe you could change the name of this topic to be more specific then? Is it a topic for guerrilla marketing or for a very specific proposal?

First thing that pops in to my head is archivists and librarians. Lotta people out there want to permanently preserve things, for public or private consumption, and there is serious power that comes along with linked data WRT making collections useful.


One way to get the message out there and get people involved without just walrusing right in to a community, is to go on a fact finding / research mission.

Eg go to a librarian community and ask them, what would you need from a system that could permanently archive your material? How could we make linked data useful for you?


Woh woh woh Jim. So take our time and resources and create real world solutions/value?? You crazy man.


He’s wild! :smile:


It’s alright, that’s just to lure them in, and then I sell them all my OneCoin. :smile:


Part of that researching standards.

On Telegram ThreeSteps (is he on this forum?), noted the potential for base maps on top which can be the dynamic difference that is a game. So, similar to the M$ flight simulator for the whole world, making basic raster chunks available, could be really useful… but would need to acknowledge what standards are useful for that.