Grow organic crops..In any environment, in any climate

I wonder if these things could be farmers, i mean, they already are farmers :smile: …but could they be Safecoin farmers (offset the cost of producing the food)?

This is why I was wondering why the value pegging, especially in psychological terms might not be transitioned to one based on human biological need. What would screw it up (?) flooding the market with human sustenance. If instead of something like EUs or $$ it was human food days it becomes very telling and concrete. If we say at current rates Warren buffet has 5 billion human food days worth of wealth we know his wealth efficiently converted might feed the planet for day and it creates a psychological framework that reminds people of need and the actual basis for wealth and cognitively bars against much abuse. Unless we develop star trek transporter efficient energy into mass arrangement type tech such a measure will also show how much arable land, water, sun light in terms of organic optimum human nutrition we have.

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Interesting, never heard that description before.

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Yes when the put in those terms the job creator venerated slavery perpetuator (give us kings nonsense) falls out and they construed in terms of food hoarders and the real issue of unnecessary coercion over biological need comes to the fore. They end up looking like what they are. Food unit/coin, nutri unit/coin, bio unit/coin, milk unit/coin some measure that points out the cannibalistic intent and keeps us grounded in our thinking and motivations. The societal NLP of money-coercion and limiting it. Its much better than this money (censorship) conflation with speech nonsense that we have now so that rich can do what ever they want with money/power.

The problem is their power and say in things needs to be reduced, not that they aren’t even more ‘free’ to do what they want. Our task is to return the wealth that we generated and made possible back to ourselves and in so doing increase our security and power. Its higher incomes for most people, much lower profits and lower prices. As Alan Greenspan once said the core of his job is increase the insecurity of the common man (that is increasing fear and harassment) so that he couldn’t push for a higher standard of living- or really get free- in short a slave master. Our task is to make sure there are no more Alan Greenspans.