Greek Translation

I would love to do a greek translation for a bounty. check out my work here
If you are interested feel free to make me an offer. I accept all
cryptocoins, my work is fast and flawless. Im getting paid after I
complete my work.

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Actually, I was just pm chatting with riddim about exactly this idea… although more about China than Greece as priority, but certainly for all languages.

In the Iota community we’ve all been chipping in for bounties to do small projects and we’ve even created a foundation where the majority of us have donated 5-10% of our holdings to get stuff done in a decentralised way.

Obviously maidsafe is a bit different as Iota is still just the 1000 crowdsale participants. I’m not suggesting we all start giving a big % of our coins here. However, maidsafe themselves are very busy and I’m sure we’d all rather they carried on working on what they’re doing. Their resources are still limited for now, so maybe we should step up to get some of the work done ourselves. At the end of the day if you hold maids and you care about safenet then it’s in your best interests to give a token amount, whatever you can afford. If we can have it all translated into Chinese, Russian and a few other languages when alpha launches then safenet will have a better chance of growing as quickly as we all want and need it to.

At the end of the day most of us (not all ofc) are just riding coat-tails here. I for one know that I’m frustrated by my lack of technical skills and my inability to be much help with testing etc. I want to contribute and I stand a lot to gain from safenet growing quickly. I’m sure some other non-technical people must feel the same.

What do other people think about us all chipping in a bit of time, ideas or money to get some basic work like this done then? If others think it might be a good idea and not daft then we can start a thread to discuss how we’d do it.

I like the way you think. Im available for translations every day. I can tranlate websites ann threads and anything that might be of interest to you guys :smiley: I do english to greek :smiley: