Greece: take the money but refuse and outlaw the criminal 'reforms'

This is the issue: Big money wants profit but will accept no risk or losses and always wants to socialize them away. Greece should take the money and then deliberately and loudly piss on the attached criminal reform BS. Its time to start calling the criminals out for being criminals. Austerity is crime and those that push it need to be behind bars long term. Put money before people and get locked up. If there was a justification for the death penalty, enslavement through money would be a strong contender for the top offense.

Lol dang Warren we don’t have to kill everyone.

Let’s just do MaidSafe instead :slight_smile:

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Yes you’re right, but for me even creating the appearance of money first is too much. One interesting thing is Jurgen Habermas was saying the chief German crack down artist doesn’t even think Capitalism has a future or that its time is about to end. But look at his actions with Greece. Does he think what replaces it will be better? Is he working to kill off Capitalism with its own illogic?

Who has the right to impose punishments on an entire people by stripping away basic elements of quality of life and standard of living to benefit the rich in other areas of the world? Taking away people’s pensions is stealing their ability to live and care for themselves when they get older, its something that they worked for and counted on and was a motive to keep working and serving. Its stealing from the old and the poor and everyone else to further enrich parasites. Is there a better way to encite violent uprising? And are these people to be gunned down when they have nothing left and try to stand up for themselves? The hypocrisy is beyond belief. Is this a Fourth Reich?

Thing about the 3rd Reich is it could have been prevented. Increasingly common analysis is that globalist nonsense led to WW1 and rolling it back prior to WW1 would have prevented both wars. Green cord cutting can get us out of this bind, drones-surveilance-martial law- chemicals and nukes can’t. Rolling back state and commercial power is what will prevent this. That comes through decentralization, increasing person to person communication and increasing community ties. It can come from cities acting outside of national and state boundaries, forming alliances for the common good.