Great little marketing video example

So I stumbled across this when looking to do some home PC repairs and I reckon it’s probably one of the best little videos I’ve seen in a while.

There I was scratching my head, wondering if I knew what I was getting myself into (I need to install and potentially clone a new HD ssd) and then I watched this video and voila! I’m all amped up and confident.

I think if we can do one of these as like a part series with additional parts showing how to connect to the network how to download and set everything up, how to create a web id, perhaps set up a website, a safecoin vault and of course how to setup a farm. That would make the adoption 10x easier for people. Doesn’t have to be that way but the core of the idea is there.

They have an app too BTW which is an idea I really like.

If we could bring people to the site and then start them off with a little step one video like this and then walk then through or offer additional steps I think it’ll only increase uptake of SAFE. And then you could say or download our SAFE installation / Farming setup app.

For a lot of folks the how is where they get stuck. They might want to do something, change, upgrade or whatever but if they don’t know how you pretty much lose them there and then.

For me the best part of this video was the human aspect. These people are just like me, they look like my mum and dad. It’s disarming. So now instead of me deciding whether I want to continue or not I’m sold as someone who was worried about the technical side of it… it’s almost like well if you’d like to give this a go here take a look it’s easy even grandma can do it.