Great lil MAID price Android widget

Hey guys look at this, it’s awesome

See the little widget in the bottom right corner? With the MaidSafe logo?

It’s awesome! It always lets me see the current MAID price. You can also set it to hundreds of other alt coins.

(IT’S FREE) Called “Digital Currency Widget” for Android. Here’s a download link from the Google Play Store.

Just wanted to share something to help the SAFE community.


Looks like a great app. Unfortunately it’s bugging out on my phone. :disappointed:

Yeah honestly it comes and goes, in terms of performance. But it only takes up one small square of the home screen and I figure it’s better to know the price more often than not at all :slight_smile: so I keep it installed.

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I’ve been using Bitcoin Checker app for Android for some time… works for most coins on most exchanges…

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Are there any apps for Android that will not only give you the price on an exchange, but also, and most importantly, be able to create an alarm/text notification the moment a coin that you are following hits a certain price? Paid or unpaid app isn’t an issue as would be more than happy to pay for such a service.

[Update] Just checking out Bitcoin Checker that @sprks mentioned and it looks like it does something similar to what I want. Have set some test alarms for MAID on Poloniex for when a price increase of 3% and 10% is reached.

[2nd Update] Alarm just went off after the price rose by +3%. Great app.

Bitcoin checker is the one I use, multiple exchanges and currencies. Probably the best I’ve seen. Only thing missing is volume and charts.

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You can get safex coin & anything else on Poloniex as well.

I use this for a bunch of my crypto-assets - should have thought of sharing it! It’s a bit flaky, but generally very useful :slight_smile:

Works great for a holder, probably not so much for a day-trader. Good thing I’m a holder!

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bitcoin checker…

Take a look at Blockfolio. :grinning:

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TabTrader is good. BlockFolio like altpath suggested is great.

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