Graphic may help

I keep hearing how SafeNet is such a large and complicated beast. Can anyone do up a graphic (not a meme) to explain how it compares to say Storj?

This may help to explain things to outsiders


I have an infographic site on my to-do list … Just saying…



I don’t know about comparing with another thing that people have not heard of
but I prefer visual concepts too… and something that suggests all the places/interfaces that there is encryption might be one way to go.
Giving the clear sense that files never leave the users computer unencrypted is an important thought and some visual impact can only help bring that to mind.

Just setting out the elements would be interesting to see… vaults; parents; elders.

Off topic but graphic - on Telegram someone (?was it ThreeStep) talked of developing a way to walk around xorspace - reminded me of X back in the day… xorspace as a 3d space is a curious idea.

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