Graperain SBC for HD video recording and encryption?

Hello! Have an issue I am trying to work through as I’m trying to make an HD recording device that also encrypts.

I’ve actually just started dabbling in the graperain but no stranger to hacking around these controllers. Having said that, my knowledge is lacking in a few areas and am unsure that the pi can give me what I need in this instance - 1080p 30fps video recording and encryption.

I’m more or less looking for an easy user experience. Im making this for my dad who’s not the most tech savvy…so i need to take into account the fact that he is confused often

Any ideas on which SBC can definitely perform this functionality without any hiccups?

Alex Paul


Yes, maybe you thinking of Rabery Pi.

It seems likely you need the fastest processor & biggest amount of ram, also writing to usb will be slow, maybe use a HDD or SSD rather than pendrive for storage.
You can contact Graperain directly.