Government Spying (like the NSA) and Whistle-Blowers (like Edward Snowden) - MaidSafe to the Rescue


When we live by our consciences and do what is right we have to be ready to live with the consequences. It’s been mentioned many times but I want to say it again, MaidSafe will help protect whistle-blowers.

Brian Kilmeade asked the judge what kind of society we would have if people decided to break laws that they did not feel were right.

Napolitano countered that the nation’s founders did just that and were considered “traitors” in the eyes of the King of England.

When you do that and you succeed, you’re considered a hero and you’re a patriot. When you do that and you fail, you end up in the gallows or in jail,” said Napolitano.


When we create something that let’s whistle-blowers do what those in control don’t want them to do we will have a fight on our hands. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out…


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