"#GOP" is great naming strategy


If the sponsored media wants to criticize #GOP it has to criticize the Republican in part by the simple act of referring to or pointing it out. It can’t can’t condemn #GOP without splash damage to the party. For sponsored media, criticizing the Republican party is like criticizing sponsorship itself and it draws attention to elephant in the room and the most negative thing that modern societies allow: sponsorship or totally useless and completely undermining rule by money… money as equivalent to power, money as speech, corporate people… Also funny if they want to call these guys thieves as they are in the habit of doing with similar groups or welfare recipients etc. With regard to thievery and blame shifting could there be a better description of GOP ideology and the system it wants to promote? But look at the sponsored media LA times try to reverse this but make worse by referring to the #GOP as the “Guardians of the Peace.” Interesting that this entity seems to attack sponsored media over sponsorship.