Google's Project Abacus

Companies + your biometrics = bad

I get so sick of stuff like this, because companies should never be in possession of users biometric data.

This was also a fun read about it:

What could possibly go wrong?


The simplicity of it makes it sound so appealing. It sounds like the end users dream come true to breaches… And then the more you think about it, its the worst possible nightmare.


All that data has to be stored somewhere. In Google’s case on their central servers. And then they ship it to the gov’t intelligence agencies. The technology itself sounds interesting but NOT using server based tech. Might be handy when used with SAFE though.


They could have 23andMe (which Google has a stake in) hoover up your genome for all-round and inescapable bio-identification. Now wouldn’t that make life easy? No passwords, papers or keys, you could go anywhere and do anything… with all the proper legal controls, of course!

I’m not exactly for it either but I don’t necessarily think it is always bad.