Google's 'positive' 'trusted source' AI news filter

The most ridiculous thing is Google is claiming it will push end user payments to trusted lie sponsored (already paid off) sources apparently by giving away even more private info in ‘direct contact’ spam situations. Google is going to get people to pay for captured lie based fully corrupted media and it wants people to download a special spyware app to do it.

Sponsored news is by definition the pushed lie at best it uses bits of non misrepresentation as a loss leader to set up tactical and strategic lies. It exists to mislead the public about the public interest. To create a bribery based society where the highest bidder makes laws always to convert people through defacto censorship into defacto property. It has precisely one consituent in unjustifiable concentrations of wealth that are already or soon to be dictatorial or oligarchic.

We do need an open collaborative commons semamtic/AI aided unsponsored fully customizable form of search to be rid of pushed lies, propaganda and theft of attention ads. Relations in exchange can be based on open accurate non sponsored search where the end user retains total control over interfaces and the communication channel and where everything is locked open and opt in by default. With full pricacy where communication channels are dumb piped.

If this is bad for capitalism and its entrenched interests- excellent!!! Its time to change the channel and break rent seeking enclosure and free up access- the rent seekers have been paid off countless times for any contributions beyond fraud and theft.

We need a platform like SAFE as a foundation to get to this more open honest, stable and equitable world a world more based on friendship trust and truth then empty rhetoric, lies fraud, bigotry and exclusivity. We need this even just to keep education systems viable.


Sponsored news is horrible. How can you have sponsored news AKA fake news? People should be free to read the news sources they wish to read. I’m wanting to pull more and more away from Google and similar services the problem is all the big corporations are similar.

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