Google's campaign to conflate info rape with "free flow of info"


It’s from last month yes and it could be competitors spinning to make Google look worse, but the best part is where Google is deciding which requests to comply with and complying only with about half of the requests. Its an existential threat to sponsored (censored) search, which given its sprawl is itself a hurdle for more honest search approaches emerging. Google’s response is with a campaign of physical forums in the EU where it uses sponsor type censor mechanisms to hand picks pro info rape moderators. It’s proving the point.

Google feels it can thumb its nose at the EU. What would get Google’s attention? Maybe if the EU were to fine Google for each day of non-compliance an amount equal to 1% of the prior year’s profit plus 1% of the prior year’s retained earnings payable (total 50 million USD a day or so) immediately where any lapse or non-payment would result in Google being barred from the EU (revocation of charter, asset seizure, detention expulsion of execs… pushing to revoke Google name at ICANN and its replacement) and the EU ignoring any noise from the WTO. Some statists are itching to make an example of a corporation, maybe it can be Google.

This mechanism could turn in to Newscorp trying to tell Google to pull stuff based on its useless IP claims . But you see that would be completely against the public interest- News Corp shouldn’t be in business in the first place. Public’s really do need to do referendums to revoke charters starting with News Corps

Newscorp complaining to the EU:

“Citing Google’s “egregious aggregation” of content, Thomson said that, along with serious commercial damage, there is a “profound social cost” to Google’s actions. “The internet should be a canvas for freedom of expression and for high-quality content of enduring value. Undermining the basic business model of professional content creators will lead to a less informed, more vexatious level of dialogue in our society,…Your decision to reconsider Google’s settlement offer comes at a crucial moment in the history of the free flow of information and of a healthy media in Europe and beyond,” Thomson wrote.”

The News Corp claims are doubly hilarious because they allude to the loss of News Corp amounting to less ability to lie to the public and consequently a public more aware of its own interests and more pissed off over being f’d-over. Comment also alludes to “enduring value-” being able to recycle the same dead vapid pablum for huge profit. Best of all is the stuff on content aggregation getting rid of a useless business model!. Content aggregation is the means to perfectly commoditize and remove all price fixing and subject these firms to actual competition which will eliminate them. Needs to happen to the US movie industry- or isn’t happening fast enough, we don’t get bulk aggregation of content for a flat fee bundle we get no access or pay at least $3 per film- unacceptable manipulation.