Google was the 21st search engine not the first

20 other search engines lived and died before the technology was perfected.

Antonopoulos - level headed guy. Loves crypto tech. Warns that a better tech is around the corner.

In my opinion, SAFENetwork is the “Google” of the crypto world. Another technology no one
wants to talk about… yet, due to crypto fatigue.

But boy, when we launch…


Let’s get slightly more occult… Google saw the light some time in 1998, but became the number one search engine cca around 2003.

Btc came to be by the end of 2008/early 2009. First mooned in 2013.

I believe that whatever the next big and decade-defining thing is, it exists already, or at least the foundation is laid down, and it will go BIG somewhere between 2022 and 2024.


As your numbers suggest, 1998-2003 is 5 years and 2009-2013 is 4 years, so maybe the next big thing will need less than 3 years to be the next big thing from the time it starts. so 2019 plus less than 3 years before 2022, or if safe network releases on 2020 before 2023 it could be the next big thing! but I am possitive that once safenetwork is out there it will be the next big thing really rapidly cause its a game changing thing and the way it is developed I think it will be great from launch!!!