Google Trends Shows Why Hillary is Totally Unelectable

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Thrown in the Obama Elections in for Comparison

If you want to see it you’ll have to type the link in yourself.

Sanders could beat Trump almost certainly, but HIllary cannot.

What it shows is that people don’t search for Hillary because she’s irrelevant, and uninteresting. But you can see the ramp for Sanders. The ramp for Trump is in part because people are afraid of him including people around the world and part for the morbid humor of it. But you will see at the bottom as you scroll way down that its all Bernie in the related searches 100% not even one for Trump.

This is because we are tired of being told what to do by people like Paris HIlton, W. and their proxies like Hillary. Trump is slightly more authetic but people know he belongs to the Parris/W group and not in the way that the disabled Roosevelt did. Hopefully this doesn’t clue the clueless Hillary group off to start mucking with G Trends.

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Hilary would be doing much worse in Google search stats if it weren’t for the recent movie on Benghazi and her numerous scandals.


Bernie could never have her as VP as he’d risk getting bumped off- she probably wouldn’t do it either.
The only way she could win is if ran as her VP and did all the talking and appearances. But he probably wouldn’t do it.