Google says its new DWave 1000 qubit q computer most significant development in Google's history

Its a DWAVE 1K qbit system. Watch the three youtube videos from May labeled “dwave factory floor.” A lot of people talk a lot of trash but I’d challenge you to go through the latest ten videos on the product by the firm or Google and not be incredibly impressed. They (critics) say its not general and only addresses a subset of what a what a Q computer can do. But the rub is its the right subset. It will scale without needing more space or power and its already increadibly small and power efficient. And the difference between 512 qbits and 1000 is a universe of difference. Competitors have 12 qbits. If the machine lives up to its potential Google is not exagerating. Wave Systems has had a decade of meeting milestones but this is a threshold. You know the hype otherwise. More power than a classical machine the size of the universe. Optimization and statistical sub sampling is still an incredibly massive problem span areas that can bootstrap q computers and AI and a huge number of intractible practical real world problems like routing. Its also the coolest looking computer since the Cray 2 and the CM 5, and its in the same spirit. Look also at the incredible partner roster and the new 1billion dollar fab plant. IBM fabs for them now. This is a Canadian company with the best of the US private and public paired with it. It also claims to have a comparatively vast patent portfolio. Watch the videos with co founder Eric Ladzinsky explaining the tech.

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