Google rolls out ".new" domains for apps

Interesting stuff - does/will SAFE have an equivalent? I recall discussion on using subdomain-style naming for apps? safe://app.safenet ??

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That would require all name owners to use that convention.

Remember there are no domains or sub-domains in a flat name system. And no central authority to enforce any domains or subdomains


There could be a recommended naming system standard that people could voluntarily follow to aid crawlers, index generation, or help with simple navigation of apps and services.


Looks like a convention, rather than a technical achievement. They need a .new as otherwise it would be, which isn’t so catchy.

With NRS you could do something similar, such as word/new, but tbh, it seems a bit of a gimmick to me.

Given the SAFENetwork is read/write and you can even have a file and domain UI straight in the browser, can we not do better here? We don’t need to put our stuff on someone else’s domain, when we can save it straight to our own.


Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean because there are names and sub-names in safe network NRS which implement strictly the same features.

From safe-cli documentation:

Much like the old internet, the NRS system provides increased flexibility for those wanting to have a variety of resources available under one public name, via using Sub Names . This is done by creating a Public name and using a . (dot) character to separate it into various, individually controllable parts.

For example, you may wish to have safe://mywebsite to be about you in general, whereas safe://blog.mywebsite point to a different site which is your blog.

To create a public name with subnames, you need only to pass the full string with . separators, just like any traditional URL, to the CLI

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No they don’t - there is no central authorities that can control the names and the usage of the names. Which is a major feature of domains