Google removes 1/2 billion IP links a year it can remove private party gossip

We are not talking about removing public interest links on criminal behavior. This issue can’t be conflated with covering up crime. Quite the opposite.

Industry files a couple billion claims to remove links essentially for IP based profit infringement and Google complies 500 million times yearly- which personally I find absolute nonsense. But Google which mines our privacy profit (which I find criminal) then whines to high heaven about removing personal gossip when in many cases its not more than slander or libel. And when Google collects dirt on people or works with firms that want to hold such stuff indefinitely and act like its their property for a threat and intimidation business or the blackmail industry, really organized crime. Its not just no but hell know. This is a complete reversal of the public interest just like the US credit reporting industry which is an industry based on financial gossip, which the EU also bans for privacy and honesty reasons. That perverse (and needs to be dead industry) literally tries to addict people to debt, raise your credit score by more exposure to debt through more credit card usage. And the joined at the hip card industry comes up with phone reasons to kick up to usurious and then lobbies to bar bankruptcy because the goal is debt enslavement.

Remember when Australia wanted to tax Google and they were like we will pull out go pound sand because your people wouldn’t even know we didn’t pay taxes if it weren’t for our service. Well Google forgets they are replaceable. There is no future debt owed to them. Our use of their tech up to now was payment and full.

There is a Shazam free app that recognizes copyrighted music within a few seconds.

No such thing for slander or liable.

In other words, way easier said than done. Every single case would need to be reviewed by a human, and forcing a takedown would often violate the poster’s rights. Some people do deserve to be exposed. You write about the Koch brothers all of the time. Ought they be able to complain and have all of your posts taken down? It’s just gossip. You don’t have any special access or knowlege of their finances. Those are not released to the public. It’s just gossip and maybe slander. Hard to tell without a trial, but Google isn’t in the business of trials… That belongs to the government, and they dismiss most all of these type cases.

If you don’t want something known, don’t post it to the net. If you post it to the net, expect the world to find it.

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Oversimplification. Its not about what we post to the net. Its about much more than that. Will the Chinese gov mandated social number be somthing that someone posted to the net? And we presently have a different standard for people like the Kochs and that different standard subjects them to more scrutiny as it should.

Not really…

Nearly everything you suggest brings tyranny against folks like the Koch brothers, supposedly to bring freedom to ordinary folks like you and me.

That’s not how it works. If you give the government the tools of tyranny the tools will be used on folks like you and me… Any suggestion otherwise is just a dream.