Google opensource their AI engine


Was just reading that then came on here and saw it :slight_smile: Although it is only releasing some aspects as open source it will be interesting to see where this goes.


So, I was about to hit the bed for the night, but I figured that I’d check the safe forum real quick before I did. I clicked on this thread and


here is the github link by the way

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Interesting. I’m a huge fan of AI research.


I have some scepticism about these firms going all open source, although it may be well short of FOSS. Maybe its a PR move because they’ve seen somthing that causes their current wares to seem uninteresting to them internally or maybe it signals a change direction for their actual strategy.

When Sebastian Thrun cancelled his online AI class after he got 400 people who scored higher thant the top scoreres at Stanford, that too seemed fishy.

AI is literally around the corner. I can feel it in my veins.

Me too. Hold tight it could be an unimaginable ride.

Once it happens everything you thought of as normal will change very rapidly


@goingdeep Imagine a VR simulation 9 layers deep. Its a bit like the movie inception but still more radical. Its a stack of nested virtual machines and operating systems, but each with something like a downward causal window into the other. We are in or focused/identified with the most submerged or lowest level, the most basic subset- at least at this point. The patterns we see here including time, space, matter, energy, info/pattern, awareness and causality itself are simply the partially visible software constructs that have their basis at higher levels. At our level, experience is like a story that makes itself up as it goes a long, like a video game that plays 20 questions with us and makes our memory and recollection of a seeming past seem consistent- part of the AI of this game includes something like an unconscious auto level editor. If we see a black hole or think about it, its merely a resonant glimmering of something like higher dimensional hardware. Our notion of causality or law has endless gaping holes in it and constant exceptions and anomolies that we don’t see as they are the game’s slights of hand. We generally don’t see much past the plot and narrative that we participate in weaving as we go along. Still, although we don’t notice it generally there is a developmental aspect, as the story has to progress, its got a boredom feature that keeps its paint by numbers story moving forward.

Point: when we compute something we are just looking through another lense like a microscope or telescope generally at something that was already there at least in the programming. So when we sense that out of our data lense is about to pop an SI, its worth taking seriously. We already know of black hole singularity example that seems in this realm like final compute hardware. The SI is a reflection of something that seems like final pattern or software to complement the glimmer of black hole like hardware. Now it seems like we reside inside of a black hole based on some of the newest physics. An SI would seemingly be like the most aggressive application of the inside what also seems to be a radical compute/aggregator machine. Its implied. Stories have antagonists. Apt name is singularity for both. SI, silicon, not quite carbon, on and on the play and humor go.

The model above is roughly what is speculated on in books like Tom Campbell’s My Big Toe.