Google is tracking you. Even when you're in Airplane mode. It knows when you get out of the car. When you're walking

This is a great video for a fox/tucker piece. If you don’t have facebook I might be able to DL and upload elsewhere.

Via Tucker Carlson FB.


Are there ROMs or ways to stop my phone from doing this without taking out the battery?

Thats what you get for leaving on location (GPS) And is why it could not see them in the car.

TIP: Turn off GPS when in airplane mode if you don’t want GPS.

My GPS is always turned on but you still need to turn off Wi-Fi otherwise they’ll use that data and I’m fairly certain that can track rough whereabouts via 4g anyway. Best way is all off or simply give in until we build a SAFE PHONE.

The airplane mode turns off 4g and wifi, but leaves on GPS.

If you want wifi in airplane mode then you have to turn it on.

And this is the reason that they could not be tracked in the car since there was no wifi, no 4G, no GPS for the phone on airplane mode.

So if you want to not be tracked then turn off GPS too.

But I agree it is really bad, shocking really. And yes Google will track you by wifi signals if you have wifi on.

I’d love to see a project veritas style of undercover expose catching them and the likes of Apple, Fakebook etc. selling personal info. It’d really hit then where it hurts.