Google I/O 2019

I found it interesting that they talked about progressive web apps at Google I/O today, and after having talked extensively about Android in the same presentation. I have predicted that Google will move towards progressive web apps and WebAssembly and other web platforms. And that Microsoft will do the same.


Now they are talking about Flutter at Google I/O, a tool for developing on both Android and iOS. And guess what, they now announced: Flutter for the Web! More indication that Google is moving in the web direction.


The terminal is not forgotten:

Could also be interesting:


I’m starting to have doubts. I hope I’m wrong but today the Google I/O sessions so far are about gruesomely boring Android sessions etc. Google is likely in bed with the powers that be and there is a scaring possibility that they want to cling on to their Orwellian control of apps, meaning they want to keep Android and iOS (and their app stores) going and just pay lip service to their talk about web technologies as a future open platform for apps.

Well Google does not run a iOS store.

But yes of course they want to keep control of the APPs, after all it is a part of their business model for making truck loads of money

I’m still a fan of Google though. And here is a presentation from Google I/O’19 about WebAssembly:

Notice that WebAssembly (Wasm) is already implemented in all major web browsers in its first version. Later versions of Wasm will include threads and support for garbage collection. Today it’s possible to compile languages like C++ and Rust into WebAssembly. And Wasm is also a candidate for future backend code.