Google Home records your "interactions"

I received a “google Home Mini” that was sent to me by the local food supermarket chain because I buy groceries off them.

I have no plans to use the device because I do not wish to give google any more information than I already do.

Looking through the warranty information (you know the “fine print”) there is a paragraph

Google Home Mini and your Family and Friends
If you make your Google Home Mini available for others to use, please be sure to let them know that their interactions may be stored by Google. More information about this is available blah blah. In the link you can also find information and tips about others being able to access information you make available to Google Home Mini

The first item that hit me is that they say that interactions will be stored by google. Not interactions with the home mini, but your family and friends interactions without reference to the device.

The second is that this information is available to third parties.

So my young grandkids would have their speech (interactions) recorded by google. I thought this was illegal to do, to send you a device which records you. There has been no agreement by me to have this done, I didn’t buy it but it was sent to me to aid in doing a “online” shopping order. So not having agreed to it they surely violating people’s rights here aren’t they and when children are involved then its surely a crime isn’t it.

Remember that I agreed to nothing, I accepted no terms and conditions and simply told by the Grocery Store to plug in this device and use their APP to do my shopping. I had to read the fine print to find any wrnings that they (Google) are recording my conversations (interactions with others) and that third parties “may” (read will) be given recordings


I’m pretty sure google then knows more about you and can target ads more specific to and so make more money.

They could give them away for free and still make a profit because of that. The $50 or however much they cost is only because if they gave them out for free, people would be wondering how they make money off it, look into and find out it’s because of the ads.

I would not use one.

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Ha, mine was free. And the grocery company is still sending them out to shoppers who have not got one yet.

While listening to a pod cast, apparently Amazon received court orders to supply recorded audio from their similar device “echo” for a case so the court could hear what was being said by the accused in his home at the time of the alleged crime. And Amazon complied and supplied the recording(s)

So Google isn’t the only one

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Yeah, they all do it.

Just shows that they can listen to your conversations if they like.

I wonder what will happen when speaking to computers becomes more and more popular :confused: