Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, Uber, Fitbit, Linkedin, Youtube, Ebay, Paypal...what they all have in common

The one thing all of the worlds largest technology company’s or organisations that use or host your data have in common is that none of them can guarantee you data is safe, secure and private.

A quick search reveals this.

And even if they offer encryption and state of the art security why would you want them handling your private and personal data in the first place?

54,604 the number of full-time Google employees.

80,000 the number of full-time Apple employees.

12,691 the number of full-time employees at Facebook.

I wonder how many of these employees have access to your personal and private data? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions maybe?

Singapore, Finland, Belgium, Taiwan, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan these are just some of the countries which host your personal and private data.

How many third parties have access to these servers?

I wonder how long it will be before the public begin demanding these firms use technology like SAFE in order to secure their personal and private information?

The new Internet is making the technology that secures peoples privacy and data by the companies they choose to deal with just as valuable as the technology that the delivers the service in the first place.

Will we see any of the big companies switch, will we see them offer their own solutions or will new SAFE competitors come along?


I think theses companies do not have the legal framework to secure peoples data because the government want access. under a police investigation the first thing is they do seize your internet devices and track your meta data.


Unfortunately true. Look what happened when Google tried to fight the government for privacy rights. Many tech giants KNOW users value their privacy but for legal reasons can’t give users their privacy. This is why we must secure our data with code not law. To be blunt we can’t give tech companies or government the choice to quibble over privacy, security and access for everyone. We need to take our data back and keep it and if they don’t like it their company and government can fail. We can’t give companies the choice to submit our data to government because we know they will be good little boys and comply with whatever laws and supenas are leveled against them. Tech giants are cowards at the end of the day and given enough preasure will squeal like the rats they are. That’s why we need SAFE. Get rid of servers, get rid of centralized data, eliminate the ability of a tech company to rat out their clients.



But it’s a balance because otherwise what is the point in all of this?

I am talking about value and the perceptions, ideas and beliefs we have. I believe they are changing already in the tech world and usually the mom & pop world follows suite.

For example now days we spend a lot of time reviewing technical specifications and capabilities but I believe we will soon as part of that review process start asking how and where our data is stored, who has access to it and why they are not using SAFE style technology and when you start making these demands of the products and services you use it’s not a far step for the business owners to begin making decisions in favour of SAFE style technology.

So yeah, we can say that but there comes a point where Governments kind of realize they need to get paid. Its a balance.

Yeah right. But you as an individual are not worth much to them (unless your are important to them). The numbers are what matters.

Facebook alone has a billion users.

True they have a billion users but imagine what might happen if you introduced competition? Imagine what would happen when SAFE comes out and one gets a financial incentive to migrate over to a SAFE network and on there is a social media site much like Facebook that DOESN’T censor you, invade your privacy or sell your data to big corproations or spam you with ads. Imagine what might happen to Google if an equal or superior search engine is created on SAFE? And remember apps on SAFE need to be open source. Can you see Google making it’s stuff open source? Or Facebook?

As an individual I don’t care if the masses run like lemmings over a cliff. Just so long as I don’t have to follow them.

I’m not disagreeing with you and I don’t think you are disagreeing with me.

I am simply saying that for SAFE to grow it needs large amount of user uptake.

Whether successful SAFE apps are built from the ground up or one large enough converts over the end result is the same however we cannot deny the fact that converting someone over does have a lot of benefits and user immediate user uptake is probably the most obvious and I think the big players are already thinking and considering this.

So to answer my own question; I am not saying we convert Google to SAFE but it’s not a big ask to have Google convert a smaller subsidiary over.

We need to be thinking about this and letting people in power know we want and expect them to use SAFE style technology.

You can bet your ass folks from the big companies are watching this technology emerge with keen interest.

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To predict the future, I think Mozilla will get on board with rust firefox search engines to give value to their development. I really see it as a need for mozilla to survive long into the future, plus it is conspiracy I have why maidsafe changed to rust.
I believe it be like a internet app bomb going off over night, and we will see amazing new social media apps put on the network on captive market place…
We will all have brain orgasm’s and think how dumb we was not to invest more.


Great point Justin!

… uhh is that 20 yet?

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code = law

This is also a funny read

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