Google Domains

This was to be expected, but finally Google also got into the Domain Game. And you know how this #%%R## goes, they’ve come to take it over. If I’m right DNS is dead/unnecessarily on the SAFE network and I’m happy about it. This constant idiotic ritual to renew your address and all the other drama that comes along with this comedy.

The dotcom bubble was a big joke and that people are still prepared to pay a lot of money for these new domains extensions. Try to get your hands on ( Fu@#$ing impossible unless you got like a couple of millions.

Actually to be honest the only domain that I would pay money for is:
icannkissmy.@ss, but then again the @ might not be possible and icannkissmy.@ss might sound strange if you say it to some one.

I’m glad that something new is coming with the SAFE network. i’m sorry for not understanding in the first place and even suggesting DNS.

What I really like google’s domain simple interface. It just works, much better than the experiences I had with GoDaddy and some other registrar.

I totally agree and in combination with Appengine/Compute you got the all in 1 place to go.