Good question and discussion on Reddit about perpetual web


When something has been published on the Internet, the “Right to Forget” is just an illusion. Everything could have been copied and everything can be republished.

The PWeb only stops hiding this fact so that anyone can be conscious and free to face reality.


Good question. There are lots of dangers for sure but I think that people will start using the perpetual web with more caution and prudence (in the contrary of what they’re doing with the current web)

Imho the concept that several people have of the web is totally different from what it really is. They think it’s an isolated dimension where you can do everything with no consequences in the “real-world” cause when you turn off your pc/mobile-phone you can reset your online activity and get back to the “real life”.

The reality is that our online activity is part of our life and influences it much more than we expect. Our data are always in movement; they get shared, sold, copied. We don’t currently even own them so I don’t see how people think they can delete them.
We still think we delete files from our local machine every time we move them into the trash :wastebasket: . Imo people must change their attitude if they want to be safe

Then I think that one of good points of the SafeNetwork is that it takes care of different use cases by storing data in 8 different ways.