Good list of test sites to browse

I have the safe browser, demo app, and launcher running. But having a hard time finding any sites to take a look at. Is there a good list of current alpha sites around? I tried but my 5-6 attempts hit errors or extremely slow loading pages.

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I still don’t know enough about the current state of the SAFE Network but I was wondering if it is it possible to write a crawler to crawl all the public MaidSafe sites? Or does the “public” info only live locally on your computer at the moment?

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In theory it’s possible, but beware that you will need to re-do your crawler as soon as: the new browser API be released, the new mutable data be released, the new authenticator be released. Also, the network is being reset from time to time, ie all data including all websites, credentials and your website’s data will be erased. I think this is refraining developers to do any more complex things - at least this is true for me.

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Are you sure you’re on the Alpha network, and not one of the test nets?

And if you are sure of that, then make sure you are using it on Firefox, chrome or something with the plugin,

Because I designed those links to be formatted with “.safenet” so they will work (only) with the plugin (and not safe browser).

Try tinkering around with the URLs, going between these two formats until it works:


As mentioned in this dev update (about one month ago), several virtual servers on which the alpha nodes were running had shut down (for some reason, about 20-25 of the 100 droplets running the alpha network had gone through a upgrade/power cycle) and we had to restart the nodes on those rebooted servers. Some data has been lost, which explains why you are unable to access most of the sites listed on

See also this topic:


Thanks for the comments, guys. As a newbie, I’m not sure how to see which network I’m on, or to switch to TEST-11 network. Appreciate a pointer to the right tutorial or FAQ, as I didn’t locate with a web search.

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Search for a file named
Open in a text editor and check the last line is

network_name": “alpha_1”

If so you are on the alpha network.

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For Test 11, we recommend using SAFE Launcher v0.10.0 and SAFE Demo App v0.6.2.

See this topic for more info:


Also don’t forget about:

Which is made for the SAFE Browser and TEST11 network (if that’s still active?)


Looks like TEST11 network with v0.10.0 Launcher is down, I was using this one for my development.

Edit: I can’t use all my old accounts, but can create a new one… @frabrunelle

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