Golem Project - Any opinions?

OK let’s start with some links:



The crowdsale starts November 11th. Of course I am very easy to fool, so I need to have a lot of help to analyze something like this. Any opinions?

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Is this going to run on the etherium network? If so then there maybe be a fair amount of reluctance to invest with DAO still lingering in the minds of many with the dough.


It doesn’t seem it will run ‘on’ the Ethereum network, they provide host-isolated VMs to host the computing on contributing hosts. Ethereum will be used to manage the transactional side, I assume to match payments to deliverables?

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Their projects white paper: http://golemproject.net/doc/DraftGolemProjectWhitepaper.pdf

Looks quite interesting … wondering if MAIDSAFE devs could learn anything from their code to bring decentralized computing to SAFEnet. That would be a huge add-on.

They have recently been listed on coincap.io and are already at #13 as of this posting.

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