Golem on safenet?

I’ve been following golem project closely and I think it has good potential to explore like other successful crypto projects. One drawback of golem is, it’s not secure. From their official reddit page:

How does Golem ensure confidentiality of files?
It does not. Zero-knowledge computing is expensive and time-consuming. Provider’s machine needs to get the job done, which means there is no way around it – with some skill provider can eventually take a peek into what is computed on the machine. We believe that with professional providers on the network and a way to identify them (in the future), this problem will be similar to the confidentiality of public cloud services. It is also worth noting, that for many use cases value (business or scientific) is generated by processing non-sensitive or public data.

Hypothetically, if it was based on safenet then they won’t have this confidentialy issue. Isn’t it right? I’m new to all these crypto projects. So just trying to understand the tech…


If SAFE works then most of the big projects and ideas you’ll see currently being made for Ethereum will be ported over or duplicated on SAFEnet. SAFE scales and should eventually be able to do smart contracts, decentralsied compute etc etc.

Eth started at the end and is now trying to work backwards towards scalability. This gave them the advantage of functioning software to build an ecosystem and enterprise interest around the smart contract based future, but they are years away from scaling.

MAIDsafe started in 2006 (long before BTC) and took the bottom up approach, starting with scalable, holistic system design and an agile form of ‘close group’ consensus rather than a cumbersome blockchain that is inherently hard to scale. SAFE will be scalable, private, secure, feeless and it will release spare resources and their value, rather than absorbing the wasteful mining paradigm, or rich get richer PoS.

We know Eth works now, but we also know it doesn’t scale and that is a REALLY hard problem to solve. We don’t know if SAFE will work in the wild (it does in tests), but IF it does it will solve all the blockchain issues and swallow the world.

That’s as concise a run down of the difference I can give off the top of my head…just a SAFE fanboy perspective ofc. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There’s a lot to learn for newbies in this space, it is a steep hill to climb.


But yeah since you asked about anonymous decentralised computing on SAFE, there has been some discussion on it, and I think David said its possible with zk-snarks tech if I remember correctly but it was asked about a long time ago.

Can search at the top, phrases like “decentralised computing” or “zk-snarks” or stuff like that

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