GM and Ford to go under for good soon

I think these two companies suck.

Chrysler went bankrupt and then was acquired twice. GM went bankrupt. Ive noticed that a lot of their PR is pure unadultered lies.

But I think the thw reality for these two firms is they are part of the terrorist petrol industry and along with Exxon and Koch Industries will soon be viewed as public enemy number one. Regardless of climate change acceptance I see the public starting to get very clear that these firms are part of an industry that has been putting their lives at risk for profit and getting bailed out chronically in addition to subsidies such that the inefficient load and prospects has been literally hollowing out society. It wasn’t bankers we were bailing out but petrol. It won’t help that they make junk as well. I think the public tears these companies to peaces. If you want to see the world they represent look at Flint Michigan. Even Romney didn’t want to save them so even among petrol they are viewed as scum.

I think the model 3 is their death knell. Think Tesla will have a higher valuation than Toyota in a couple years

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It will definitely be another big nail in the coffin! I think the true death knell will come because Tesla is years ahead of the competition in battery technology, and with the Gigafactory has been sufficiently forward-thinking so they will be the cheapest and the biggest battery maker for several years to come.

Ditching Mobileye and developing Tesla Vision along with Nvidia was a risk, but with Autopilot 2, they’ve almost caught up with what they had with Mobileye and Autopilot1 after just a few months. So, I have a feeling Tesla will also be the first ‘automaker’ (or rather AI company) to reach Level 5 autonomy. This then opens the way for a Transport-as-a-Service platform which will lead to a massive decline in sales for the companies you mention.

So, the cheapest BEV company and the first to have Level 5 autonomy and a TaaS platform = bankruptcy for GM and Ford.

Given the size of the industry, a lot of people are going to get hurt. I feel for the employees of traditional ICE car companies, but I also think this is inevitable and the transition away from carbon-based transport is going to be a major positive for life on Earth. It can’t happen soon enough!

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For the displaced workers I feel to but see it as a segway into high indexed GAI, building out the green economy, greater or complete transparency, more “Teal” type organizations and see it decellerating petrol’s hollowing us out and helping to boot its political influence. I find these BS ads that keep referencing one likely bogus sponsored report by Navigant big 3 sponsored think tank annoying- people are supposed to believe that over the only company with consumer experience. Sounds like Navient the student loan servicer that thinks its a collection agency or Roves “Pathfinder.”

Really self drivers are expected to shrink the car market by 18x. Now Tesla can grow and still take share and engage that but the big 3 can’t. Part of the reason 2 of the big three went bankrupt and got acquired was they couldn’t manage their profit fixation vs product let alone a market size reducer.

I know, Musk gives them the patents and they still can’t do it. There has been such a perversion of money as an exchange mechanism. There is no money to build SAFE or an air bag or an electric car but a ton in the US to elect a corrupt politician and a ton to corrupt a politician. There is also a ton of money to burn some petrol and put us at risk.

I remember where I started to have utter disgust for the US auto industry aside from Tesla. It was an article where the author quoted a big 3 US auto exec as saying an automobile is an inefficient use of capital (its was just a means to burn oil) and in the same article I think it was a US auto exec (Bill Press) who had years before left to work for Toyota going 3 days at a Toyota annual conference and never once hearing the word profit come up where it was all the US auto exec fools talked about (no focus on what the were actually doing just driving by the rear view mirror,) also mentioned that at the conference he congratulated the Toyota founder on his now highest market cap among auto makers and the Toytota founder retorted “if I cared about stock price my name wouldn’t be on the name plate” And it shows in the exec compensation at Toyota where its 8x or 12x or some low capped multiple of the average Toyota worker or tied to contribution and not the sell out amount of thousands or tens of thousands an average worker compensation that US execs get.

There is no consideration of profit efficiency. The financial press in the US whines that Amazon is a consumer benefit agency. Our idiot American system needs to be thrown out like the parasitic trash that it is. It worked to some degree from 1940- 1970 but after Nixon and his ecconomic royalists its been gliding on slowing momentum that is about to run out. I don’t smoke myself but can’t wait for the weed revolution because out of that will come a big dropping of the Washington Nixon consensus.

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