Global crypto currency as a way to eliminate the wealth of the wealthy

  1. R31 becomes the only allowable or viable currency globally.

  2. In addition to income tax, tangible assets of the wealthy are taxed at more than 5% and this includes gold which cause them to flee to R31 based assets that are also more liquid.

  3. R31 is retired without warrning or prior speculation.

  4. R32 is introduced but can only be obtained through redemption of R31 coins but no more than one million (one million USD for sake of argument) per person can be redeemed.

  5. Any debts or contracts that were written with R31 terms or written/incurred prior to R32 are deemed null and void.

Result, the wealthy might be able to retire on a million or they might have to work either way they would have some skin in the game.

Don’t be naive.
If global cryptocurrency comes into existence, it will be to plunder the sheeple.

@janitor The Russian and French revolutions are precedent for other motivations.