Glasgow University Students to Explore the Future of Internet Technology


It would be good to here an update on this, if there is anything to report? @nicklambert


Sure. Professor Inah Omoronyia and @DaBrown95 met with Viv and I last Friday. I think David was going to update the forum with what he has been working on in due course so I’ll not add to much here other than to say that he has been working on adapting [kiwix-js]( to use the SAFE network for the retrieval of zim files with the aim of measuring the read performance of the network. In due course the hope is that this will lead to some academic papers.


“Kiwix is an offline Wikipedia viewer.” :sunglasses:

Great to hear this is progressing well!


Offline file viewer. This has massive pottential to bring websites like Wikipedia straight to the SAFENet, now there is a cause I’d donate $2.00 to.


The forum post in question…

Exciting times. :grinning: