Glasgow meetup 2020

No but we have just tonight booked a wee break for my better half’s Significant Birthday and this caught my eye as a wee diversion between doing all the galleries museums n boring old stuff she’ll drag me along to.

PS Handy tip: DO judge a bus by its number.

Is that why you cannot see all the people in the bus :wink:

I think its more due to it not being rush-hour and so the bus has very few folk on it.
OR lots of them just got off at the stop before cos Bridge St subway is a popular interchange.

Ummm I looked at the bus number in the maps, as you told us to. Maybe the people were not sitting in the seats :wink:

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I think I’ll wait till your next visit to Glasgow to explain to you in detail why it is entirely unsurprising for a Number 4 bus -on this side of the city- to be very sparsely populated outside peak hours.
The reasons are many and complex, trust me.

Now that definitely sounds like a conversation worth flying halfway around the world for.


Trust me - it is :slight_smile:

So 7pm on the 17th Feb 2020 it is.

A relaxed style meet up with no specific agenda.

Now let’s vote on venue. Feel free to suggest others.

  • Curlers Rest
  • Laurieston Bar

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Laurieston cos its likely to be a little quieter and we won’t be paying rip-off West End prices.


Cos it would be nice to get a decision…

How about just shifting it down to London? (ducks)


Are you buying? Mines a Fullers…
When are you going to organise a London meetup anyway? I know there was one in Brighton recently but surely there must be a critical mass of SAFEpeeps in London itself big enough to organise a piss-up?

I do shift work and unfortunately my schedule is based on the needs of service users, so I won’t know until the week before when I’ll be working, but if I’m not working on the Monday I’ll take the train up from Manchester and catch the midnight coach back.

Laurieston would be my preference, since it’s just a 5 minute walk from Glasgow Central.


Well if you do make it up I’d say the effort of travelling up from Manchester gives you priority over choice of venue!

Not sure where the coaches stop but the bus station is actually a good bit up from Central train station.

I’d be happy to go wherever makes it easy for as many people as possible to turn up, so maybe we could wait until next week and see who’s coming, and then settle on a venue based on that, given that it’s more just an informal thing this time.

It’s all easy for me, so I’m abstaining on the vote!


Shane, I’ll second what @david-beinn said there, that’s serious dedication coming all the way up from Manchester. No matter what pub we are in, we’ll make sure you are in a taxi to Buchanan St Bus Stn in plenty time.
Look forward to meeting you :smile:


Just to confirm, I’ll be attending this. I actually managed to find some really cheap trains, so I’ll be able to bring my wee dog as well. See you all on Monday. :smiley:


Excellent!! What does the dog drink?

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If we are in a Brewdog, she’s partial to a Subwoofer IPA, it’s made from unfermented beer wort!

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no but there is a Brewdog about 400m from the Kelvin Hall subway station if we do a mini sub-crawl.
Not really a Brewdog fan myself. I like to be able to drink 3 or 4 pnts and still be able to stand up.

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That’s great news Shane. Look forward to meeting you. Fellow Mancunian(ish) and support worker(ish) here.

So who’s all coming?

The Laurieston is near Central Station, and also close to the underground for folk in the West End. Should be quiet enough on a Monday I think. Would that make the most sense? Any particular objections?