Glasgow meetup 2020

no but there is a Brewdog about 400m from the Kelvin Hall subway station if we do a mini sub-crawl.
Not really a Brewdog fan myself. I like to be able to drink 3 or 4 pnts and still be able to stand up.

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That’s great news Shane. Look forward to meeting you. Fellow Mancunian(ish) and support worker(ish) here.

So who’s all coming?

The Laurieston is near Central Station, and also close to the underground for folk in the West End. Should be quiet enough on a Monday I think. Would that make the most sense? Any particular objections?


Let’s go with the Laurieston. We can always shift location next time if people don’t like it :slight_smile:

It’s likely to be a small turnout, but I’m sure we’ll all have plenty to talk about.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!


OK Laurieston at 7 on Monday, See you all there.
Remember and bring a treat for @Shane’s wee dug!!


So that sounds like 4 definites.

Are you still in @neilgcns @JimCollinson @MaxSan?

Anyone else?

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Yes I’m still up for it even game for a look in the Laurieston I lived in Tradeston for years and never had a pint in it!!


Don’t tell me you hung out in the Sou-Wester…

Nelson because it used to open at 8am!!

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Thats even worse than the SouWester…
I could never get into the Nelson, no enough UDA tattoos to get past the bouncer

I used to frequent the Brazen as well so looks like I’ll manage in the Laurieston then

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My transpennine express train to Carlisle just got cancelled / refunded because of debris on the line caused by storm Dennis - the guy at the station is saying a tree has fallen - and I’m looking at £80 to take another route. I’m probably going to have to pull out unless I can find another train / the blockage is cleared by 2.

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Very sorry to hear that - was looking forward to meeting you (and your wee dug)

I hope they get it cleared sharpish.

That’s rubbish news!

Be great if they could get it sorted…

Probs gonna be closer to 8pm before I’m down guys, child sleep permitting


I’m running late myself …

Two of us sitting in the back of the lounge…

I should be there on time - across the road in a restaurant waiting on a curry!

Bring me a pakora or three

The early ones have more time to drink. Thats a bonus. :rofl:

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yesh - very true so it is

Same time, same place next month?
Thank you to all who showed up, hope the search for the Unit was successful but I’m glad I bailed for the bus home all the same,