Glasgow meetup 2020

@david-beinn mentioned about arranging another Glasgow SAFE network meetup, which I think’s a great idea.

Who would be up for coming along? What kind of format would appeal?

I’d be happy with something in February if that suits others.

Suggestions on location would be welcome.

It’d be great if some team members were up for coming along to share some short snippets of progress / other info, though with the recent restructuring and focusing away from marketing I don’t know how this would fit in?

Looking forward to meeting up again soon!


Hi David,

Thanks for picking up the baton! February is good for me, and I can usually be flexible quite easily.

As @JimCollinson suggested, maybe just more informal drinks or whatever would work better, and maybe as @Southside suggested, have something more structured and possibly even more public-facing at a later date.

As far as venues go I’m not sure what the most important considerations would be. I like the Avalon, but for something a bit more central, ‘Stereo’ and ‘The Old Hairdressers’ (basically the same place) aren’t too bad, and fairly quiet on weekdays I think. The latter even has an upstairs room that might work for a more public-facing event, though it usually has music and art type things on. All a bit more expensive and hip though! Don’t want to get too Silicon Valley round here!


I know its a Wetherspoons but the Counting House has generally got a quiet corner somewhere in its vastness midweek. SLUG Scottish Linux User Group met there for years. Handy for Queen St and 5 mins from Central.
Bon Accord and the Griffin or the State Bar if we want to venture up Sauchiehall St a wee bit…


Not been to The State in a while!

Creeping back towards Charing Cross there (not that there’s anything wrong with that though, for me at least.)

I’ve no problem with Wetherspoons, but then mind drifting down past the other Wetherspoons, ended up at The Laurieston which is always nice as well, and technically on The Southside!

I’m happy wherever, just don’t want to make any decisions!

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Not been in the Laurieston for ages, an excellent shop, easy walking distance of Central and right next to the subway too.
I vote for the Laurieston!


I’m happy with any of those - can go with The Laurieston if nobody has objections.

As for dates, a Monday or Friday evening would suit me well. Would either of those work for others?

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10th and 14th are probably out for me, otherwise fine

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whats the format? we thinking afternoon or evening ?

also just throwing it out there how about Curlers Rest on Byres Road ?


That would certainly suit me :slight_smile:

Right next to the subway too.


Careful now - this could turn into a sub-crawl …

Curlers is OK by me.


How would Monday 17th be for everyone? 7pm would suit me, but can be flexible if earlier / later is better.

I’ll let you lot who know the venues make a decision on where’s best :slight_smile:


Monday the 17th at 7pm is fine with me.


Monday 17th would be cool by me. 7pm doable too.


17th, Il be there too.


17th at 7 then.

My preference is for the Laurieston.

Cheap, friendly, pretty convenient, 5 min from Central, 1 min from Bridge St subway and just about every bus to the southside stops at Bridge St anyway. Ayrshire folks, get the S4 if you CBA with the train, it stops at Bridge St too. E-burgers, two stops on the outer when you get off at Queen St.


Is this where you’re going? I wish I could join you. Maybe some day.


Well thats MY preference, we’ll let a consensus emerge…


turn 180 deg for bus and subway stops

Don’t judge a book by its cover, nor a pub by its exterior. Unless it has a UJ flying outside in which case, avoid.

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Curlers is also handy for the subway

17th at 7 is good for me, though I might be slightly late.

May well need to be in the car so fairly flexible on venue. Can back @Southside up on the qualities of The Laurieston but Curlers is also fine with me, and sounds like it’s close at hand for some folk.


Looking at your first link there Southside

Love your Pub, is it in the bus? :rofl:

Move forward one section on the map